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Beginning July 9th, the Learning Commons will be home to edcamp Summer Tuesdays. From 8am-12pm, teachers within Burlington and beyond are invited to stop by the Learning Commons. The BPS EdTech Team will be on hand for educational technology training sessions, teacher collaboration opportunities and general technology assistance. To more effectively join the conversation, click on the link below:




Alex Lidell, author of new fantasy novel, Cadet of Tildor visited the MSMS Learning Commons last week. She introduced her book and explained to 6th and 7th grade students the process of writing a novel, getting published, and developing a story that people would want to read. Alex’s presentation was engaging and friendly and she developed a nice report with the students.

In addition to the presentation, Alex invited students to write their own 3 sentence story. Each story needed to have the three critical parts to any story: 1. Inciting Incident  2. Climax 3. Resolution. Check out the stories from MSMS students below. Also look for Alex’s comments.

First Place:

1. It took me weeks of searching, but I finally found the girl from the “MISSING” posters, the girl with the sky blue eyes and the blond hair as soft as sunlight, and rescued her from her kidnappers.

2. “My father has money” she tells me.  “He’s make you rich if you just take me home.” – But I just know someday she’ll learn to like it here.

3. The posted just that she was missing, not that I had to give her back.
-Elena Legnon
Alex’s Comments:  I love the twist at the end.  The story does a great job focusing on the main conflict and developing it to an unexpected – yet believable – ending.  I also love that the missing poster introduced in the inciting incident returns in the resolution.  (And yes, I know sentence two is more than one sentence long – but this story was the hands down winner even deducting for that.)
Second Place:
1, Sally checked her closet for monsters.
2. There was a monster there named Chuck.
3. They had a tea party.
– Anthony Russo
Alex’s Comments: What a great story turn in the climax.  It made me laugh aloud!
Third Place:
1. There was once a knight who wanted to have great power.
2. He had a witch send creatures from another dimension to harm his village, that only he could defeat.
3. But sadly, the witch had fooled him and he was defeated by the creatures.
– Brittney Ananian
Alex’s Comments:  I love the reversals in this story!   
Runners Ups 
1. When I turned into a superhero, I went to face my enemy in her lab.
2. I thought I had slain her with my sword and threw her into the nearest lake but little did I know that she never died.
3. She later came into my lair, which caught me by surprise, and turned me into an egg with her chicken powers.
-Olivia Virgin
1. There is a nuclear bomber hiding in a town who is planning to destroy the world, and he is a teenager.
2. A young girl teenager has fallen in love with him and finds out about his plan and tries to stop him.
3. She ends up stopping him by showing him true love and the reason for life.
– Jeencel Patel, 7C