Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. MacCurtain’s reading groups

The Learning Commons has opened its doors to the MSMS community. Yesterday, Mr. Dexter and Mrs. Magliozzi have begun the orientation program with MSMS students. The objective of the program is to get students familiar with the way the Learning Commons is run and how they can use its resources inside and outside of the space. The Learning Commons has been growing its ebook and digital resource collection for quite some time and the opportunity to use these resources has never been greater with the implementation of the 1:1 iPad Program. From the iPad, students can browse the catalog and view ebooks with various book reader apps.


Students enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the new MSMS Learning Commons


7th graders test out Chromebooks and search the Destiny catalog for the perfect book


Let the browsing begin!


Part-time MSMS Librarian, Mrs. Magliozzi introduces students to new titles


Already comfortable in new surroundings



Mr. Dexter provides an overview of the LC before students browse for books