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The Burlington Public Schools Educational Technology Team is host an important parent tech night titled,  “Putting Your Best (Digital) Foot Forward.” Access detail of this night by clicking here.




MSMS hosted a crowd of over 200 educators and administrators this past Saturday. The New England 1:1 Summit, hosted in Burlington the past few years, helps educators across the Massachusetts and beyond maximize the advantages within instructional technology tools. NESS (New England Student Showcase) featured student-led presentations. Students from Burlington and other local towns showcased how they’ve been using their favorite apps and technologies to maximize their learning. The event also featured Q&A panel discussions with students at all grade levels, discussing what has worked well and what needs improvement in a technology-rich learning environment.

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Mrs. Tate’s session focused on video creation and how it helps her grade 6 math students.

The Summit also featured many individual sessions offered by educators and educational technology companies. Assistant Superintendent, Patrick Larkin’s keynote speech offered the theme, “Where do we go from here?” suggesting that attendees have a choice of whether or not they apply their new knowledge in their teaching when they return to school.

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Memorial Elementary showed off their favor apps and even brough their party hats.

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BHS freshmen demonstrated the use of 3D printing and other BHS students showed off their weekly music show called, The Devil’s Playlist.

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NESS empowered students to teach adults. A fresh and helpful teaching dynamic.

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It’s that time of year again. Can you believe it? To celebrate National Poetry Month, the Learning Commons is running our own poem contest. All you need to do is submit your own spring – themed poem to the form below. By submitting a poem you automatically enter the chance to win a prize. All poems need to be submitted by Friday, May 2nd.